Monday, February 9, 2009

February already?

So I kinda stink at keeping up on this thing huh? I haven't really been taking a lot of pictures and there isn't too much excitement around here. We are all getting really sick of winter I think. Rylee's birthday is Friday, her party is Sunday. My mom and sisters are coming Friday night so we're pretty excited about that :) Brendon and I went and got Ry her present yesterday and ended up giving it to her last night, haha! We went to the American Girl store, wow! That place is crazy. I'm thinking maybe we might have her party there next year ;)
Today is one month since my grandfather passed. His death has affected me in ways I never would've thought but hopefully the grieving process gets easier with time. So far, no luck. My Aunt came over last night to print some pictures of him for my Grandmother, tomorrow is her birthday. It's nice to look at pictures but hard at the same time. I find myself hating every old man I see lately, just because he gets to be here. Weird right? Ugh.
Anyways, just thought I'd post a little something since it's been so long. I added a new "valentine's day" layout today, what do you think? My creative edge seems to be gone lately so it's not as good as the others but it'll do for now.
Oh, I almost forgot! Rylee doesn't want to do dance anymore :( Three weeks ago I had to make her go and the past two weeks she refused. I'm so sad. I was really looking forward to the recital and stuff. Maybe next year.


Peace, L♥ve, Applesauce said...

We're too sick of winter around here!
Happy {early} birthday Rylee!
Sorry again aabout your Grandfather.. HUGS!

Amanda Bowden said...

I totally understand your feelings honey. It is coming up a year since I lost my Nan. And the pain is still unbearable. Huge hugs to you.

I am sad that Rylee quit dance. I wanted to live my little girl dreams through her ballet pictures :(

Creative edge gone? You kindding girl? You ROCK!