Friday, January 2, 2009

No dance, again??

Ugh. So, Rylee hasn't been to dance since the beginning of December because of the ice storm then the holidays then snow storms and blah blah blah. Well today is Friday and it's been forever so I thought they had to be open. Not even thinking to call and find out, I got her all ready and drove out there just to see a sign on the door. They reopen Monday the 5th. I felt SO bad for Ry. She was sleeping the whole way so she had no clue why we were home when I got her out of the car. She cried for like half an hour. Poor girl just wants to dance with her friends :( UGH. I'm starting to really dislike this studio and am thinking that maybe I should look into what else is around. I hope we don't have to pay another months tuition considering we paid $46 for one class in Dec and now there will only be three in Jan, grr.
Oh and big girl news too! Rylee got princess underwear from Santa ;) today I officially started her on potty training. Shes had no pullups all day, except when we went to dance. Needless to say she's been through four pairs and hasn't actually gone on the potty once, but she does try! Hopefully it won't be long now.


Natalie said...

Our dance studio goes with the school system. When the schools are out, dance is out. BUT they also schedule make up classes if they're out because of weather.

Michelle said...

ooh that really sucks!!! I hope she gets to go soon!!!
OOH yeah and if you see this I LOVE the new layout!! can you make me a new one too??? Its nice a summery here now...