Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ice storm & now snow

Yikes! It's been FOREVER since I updated the blog!! After a week without power I kinda ran out of ambition for this thing, haha. Most of you know how badly we got hit by that ice storm but I wanted to post a few pics...
our front yard the morning after

side yard...

mailbox was one of the first things to go!

our mess of a house

the other end of the cul de sac

coming down our road towards my house

looking from my Aunts side

one of the many nights of cards and wine hahaha

the kids wanted to check out the mess...

Rylee being silly :p

I have SO many pictures, you can see them all on my myspace:

Um, pretty much thats all thats been happening here. Rylee hasn't had dance in weeks because of the ice and now snow. So she won't be back again until after the new year. I can not believe Christmas is in a week!! I wish it would hurry up and come, I got all my presents wrapped :) We have some major snow right now, Brendon is working today but tomorrow promised to built a fort with the kids so I'll be back tomorrow with pics of that!!

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Michelle said...

WOW Jessie.. those pictures are INCREDIBLE!! What did you guys do to stay warm? What was it like with no power for so long?