Monday, November 17, 2008

The Deer

Well let's see, today's photo of the day is the always adorable Brayden. I just love his awesome smile :)

Not too much going on here today. We had the baby this morning. He is really crawling now, SO cute!! This afternoon we went to sign papers on the new car, hopefully the registration and what-not will be taken care of tomorrow & when it's here my picture crazy self will post some for ya ;) We went grocery shopping - woo! Haha. Anddd I wanted to post a pic of Brendons pride and joy...

I hated the idea of hanging him in the livingroom but now that he's here I actually really like him :)

Bub said to me today, "Well my pee just looks like a pittle (pickle)." hahahaha oh man, the innocence in the way he said that was just too funny!! And when I asked who told him that he said, "No one, I just saw it look like a pittle." LOL. Greeeeeat.

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