Thursday, November 20, 2008

Knock Knock.

Today's photo of the day is Blake & Rylee. I just love how close they have gotten lately. You can see it in these pictures. Blake loves playing knock knock jokes, but he doesn't understand the joke part. He just says "Knock knock." You say "Who's there?" And he makes up something random like "Bananas!" To him, that is hysterical!! haha. Today him and Rylee were sitting on the couch all cuddled up under Rylee's blankey playing this. Everytime he would say "Lion!" and pretend to attack her, they were laughing so hard I had to snap some pics!!

I love how much fun they have together. To me, they actually get along really well!! As well as you can expect a brother and sister anyway ;)


Michelle said...

such cute photos jessie!!!

Rachel said...

They are so sweet!

Autumn said...

very cute!!

ryan does the
him "knock knock"
you "whos there"
him "banana"
you "banana who"
-repeat the banana part-
him "knock knock"
you "whos there"
him "orange"
you "orange who"

and then he just gets lost starts laughing and dosent finish the "orange you glad i didnt say banana"